Whether you are out to kill time, dabble your gaming paddle just a little or are genuinely a hardcore fan of MMO, the internet will never be on short supply of these exceptional games for you to indulge in. Here are some of the most outstanding ones – in no particular order – that will forever endure and hold their ranks as being the best of all-time.

World of Warcraft

It is well estimated that more than 100 million users worldwide have now played Blizzard’s World of Warcraft as it heads directly into its tenth anniversary of existence. Despite how some may feel that it lacks certain storyline features that other MMO can offer, few will deny that the game play and combat diversity excel far beyond any other that is offered online. Being composed of 90% combat and battling has certainly not hurt its ratings either as it is a level-up game that presents more than one approach to improve your character abilities. This is in fact not typical of other MMORPS out there today.

W.O.W offers its participants the opportunity to create their very own alter ego by carefully selecting from numerous powerful classes and colorful races. Once accomplished, your hero will explore, quest and deal with conflicts in the world of Azeroth. The absolute depth of the adventures and content alone will suck the user in as they attempt to right the wrongs and find their place within this chaotic realm. World of Warcraft is a must for any gamer looking to jump into MMO with both feet and possibly never return to real-life as they once knew it.

Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix proudly presents this MMORPG that is attached to a long legacy in the Final Fantasy adventures. It was first introduced in November of 2002 and was in fact the very first cross-platform MMORPG and the well-known Xbox 360’s first MMORPG. FF XI has had great success and a majority of gamers that get caught up into its quests and wonderland atmospheres are doomed to become devout participants for years on end.

The game is set in the fantasy realm of Vanadiel with players competing while using their established avatars in great attempts to develop an array of skills, tasks and rewards. Most gamers enjoy taking on adventure missions in order to advance through the in-game power structure that will ultimately see them through the leading storyline and plot of the game. As the game’s popularity has continued to grow over the years, so has the number of expansion packs – with more possibly on the way. Continue reading


If you’re a hardcore fan of the Massive Multi-player Online (MMO) video games then it’s time you familiarized yourself with the best that 2014 has to offer if you haven’t already. Take a sneak peek at our list and start getting your hands on your favorites today!

Age of Empires Online

This latest version was developed by Robot Entertainment and is a free for you to play 3D MMORTS. For those closely following the Age of Empire series you will already know that this is the next awaited installment in the franchise. This adaptation is proud to introduce both the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and more than a hearty 40 hours of free gameplay which allows you to co-operatively or competitively play, trade items, make upgrades and most importantly, to conquer all of the rival enemy kingdoms with. Age of Empires Online has also added a new social interaction aspect with customization and MMORPG for you to get an even more amazing game experience.

The online system requirements are for WIN XP/VISTA/7

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If you are an MMO gamer that has occasionally pondered about the history of online games and where they first originated, then we invite you to take a few minutes now and indulge yourself in this short history that we hope you will appreciate.

Perhaps one of the first questions one may ask regarding the history of MMO gaming is, “What was the very first online game ever created and put out?” The answer to this fair question may indeed be more surprising than expected. What many do not realize is that if they were to take a guess, they would not only suppose wrongly but would come to find out how far off their guess was and by how many years. It has been commonly misunderstood that games such as Ultima Online and Meridian59 which came out in the 1996-97 era are in fact not the first online MMO-type games ever put out.

In 1974 a company known as Mazewar had first launched a graphic virtual type of world which offered a first-person outlook of a labyrinth where wandering players could shoot at one another. It was in reality, the very first type of networked computer game that enabled gamers from separate computers to interact within a virtual-type location. This game was primarily played over a serial cable and then when one of the creators had begun to attend (MIT), they became more knowledgeable and were able to improve upon it so that it could be utilized across a predecessor to the internet – then known as, ARPAnet.

The first extensively played adventure game was called Adventure and was created by Will Crowther in 1975 on a DEC PDP-10 computer. Don Woods greatly expanded upon the game shortly afterward in 1976. Dungeons & Dragons was quite popular around this same time and was being used to stimulate features and references which were used in Adventure such as a computer operated dungeon master. This game then sparked the interest of other students at (MIT) who later created their own online game entitled Zork and then on and on the inspiration would continue while games and platforms would improve through trial and error. Continue reading