Whether you are out to kill time, dabble your gaming paddle just a little or are genuinely a hardcore fan of MMO, the internet will never be on short supply of these exceptional games for you to indulge in. Here are some of the most outstanding ones – in no particular order – that will forever endure and hold their ranks as being the best of all-time.

World of Warcraft

It is well estimated that more than 100 million users worldwide have now played Blizzard’s World of Warcraft as it heads directly into its tenth anniversary of existence. Despite how some may feel that it lacks certain storyline features that other MMO can offer, few will deny that the game play and combat diversity excel far beyond any other that is offered online. Being composed of 90% combat and battling has certainly not hurt its ratings either as it is a level-up game that presents more than one approach to improve your character abilities. This is in fact not typical of other MMORPS out there today.

W.O.W offers its participants the opportunity to create their very own alter ego by carefully selecting from numerous powerful classes and colorful races. Once accomplished, your hero will explore, quest and deal with conflicts in the world of Azeroth. The absolute depth of the adventures and content alone will suck the user in as they attempt to right the wrongs and find their place within this chaotic realm. World of Warcraft is a must for any gamer looking to jump into MMO with both feet and possibly never return to real-life as they once knew it.

Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix proudly presents this MMORPG that is attached to a long legacy in the Final Fantasy adventures. It was first introduced in November of 2002 and was in fact the very first cross-platform MMORPG and the well-known Xbox 360’s first MMORPG. FF XI has had great success and a majority of gamers that get caught up into its quests and wonderland atmospheres are doomed to become devout participants for years on end.

The game is set in the fantasy realm of Vanadiel with players competing while using their established avatars in great attempts to develop an array of skills, tasks and rewards. Most gamers enjoy taking on adventure missions in order to advance through the in-game power structure that will ultimately see them through the leading storyline and plot of the game. As the game’s popularity has continued to grow over the years, so has the number of expansion packs – with more possibly on the way.

League of Legends

This multi-player online game is brought to you by Riot Games and was developed for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. League of Legends (LOL) was essentially prompted by the Defense of the Ancients mod. Released in October of 2009, the game was quite well received upon its being unleashed to the general public and has unquestionably grown in popularity in all of the years since. Articles have been published in which it has been stated that (LOL) has been the most played multi-player online game in both North America and Europe in terms of hours spent playing.

The game itself presents a combat arena for online gamers to take complete control over a champion and fight within a bot or short player verses player battle. Over the years, the number of champions has grown dramatically as there are currently 118 from which to choose from, such as support, assassin or tank. Levels can be gained through the destruction of rival champions while set in multiple map domains. Gold, experience and other awards can all be earned by advancing and surviving longer than other players that have fallen. There is a League of Legends online store which can permit gamers to purchase alternative options via their (RP) Riot Points (using real money) and (IP) Influence Points (earned from the game itself).

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