If you’re a hardcore fan of the Massive Multi-player Online (MMO) video games then it’s time you familiarized yourself with the best that 2014 has to offer if you haven’t already. Take a sneak peek at our list and start getting your hands on your favorites today!

Age of Empires Online

This latest version was developed by Robot Entertainment and is a free for you to play 3D MMORTS. For those closely following the Age of Empire series you will already know that this is the next awaited installment in the franchise. This adaptation is proud to introduce both the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and more than a hearty 40 hours of free gameplay which allows you to co-operatively or competitively play, trade items, make upgrades and most importantly, to conquer all of the rival enemy kingdoms with. Age of Empires Online has also added a new social interaction aspect with customization and MMORPG for you to get an even more amazing game experience.

The online system requirements are for WIN XP/VISTA/7


For those of you unfamiliar, 9Dragons is brought to you by Indy21 and is a martial arts 3D multi-player game with MMORPG which includes an exclusive skill and combat system that takes you all the way back to ancient China throughout the infamous Ming Dynasty. You will be capable of selecting from a distinguishable class of competitors such as Warriro, Chi Kung Artist, Strategist and Holist as well as 6 assorted martial arts types which include from the White Clans : Wu Tang, The League of Beggars and Shaolin. The Black Clans are: Heavenly Demon, Sacred Flower and The Brotherhood of Thieves. Your faction will be decided upon which martial art you have selected.

The online system requirements are for WIN XP/VISTA/2000

4Story (Gates of Andaron)

Zemi Interactive presents this 3D fantasy multi-player game with MMORPG that comes with a visual form and interface layout which is quite similar to the well-known and favored MMORPG of World of Warcraft. The story presents 3 kingdoms that are neglecting to yield to one another which in turn advocates the background history and actuality of each kingdom. A hero has been thrown into this chaotic world in order to determine a truth that has been all but smothered for hundreds of thousands of years. Your options are to join one of the three kingdom factions which consist of (Broa, Craxion and Defugel) then to select one of the three races of (Werebeast, Fairy or Human) and finally one of the classes from (Priest, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, Assasin and Summoner).

The online system requirements are for WIN XP/2000


Presented to you by Carbon Games, AirMech is an RTS 3D sci-fi game which is obtainable through Steam and your Chrome browser. This strategy-based contest allows its game-players to control a transforming mech via DotA-style gameplay. Be challenged to combat in the air or on the ground as you pick up units to transport. The competitive options are 1vs1 to 3vs3.

The online system requirements are for WIN XP/MAC OS X v10.6 or laterim in

America’s Army: Proving Grounds

Perhaps one of the most popular free PC action games online to date, U.S. Army presents this fun yet inspirational tool for army recruitment. It can offer its players a very realistic military encounter from discovering the enhancement of soldiers in both individual and group training which will then be deployed to fight the War on Terror in a simulated missions setting. Great teamwork and tactics will need to be executed to make this the most realistic experience possible. Players will find America’s Army to be much like the standard FPS yet will feel more connected with the game and its rewards.

The online system requirements are for VISTA/7/8

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