Best Time to Visit Disneyland in 2014-2015

Going to see Mickey Mouse is certainly a special time for every child whether they are five or twenty five! Really, everyone loves to go and visit Disneyland because it’s a very special and magical place. This isn’t just for little children, OK, well it’s supposed to be, but this is also for families and even the grownups because everyone can enjoy it. However, when is the best time to visit Disneyland in 2014-2015?

Towards The End of the Year

September, October and the first half of November are some of the very best times to visit Disneyland towards the end of the year. These are really great times, not only because these months don’t see mass numbers but because they are some of the best for weather too. However, it may be wise to avoid the Thanksgiving weekend as there can be a lot of visitors heading towards the park since it is a holiday time. There are still plenty of things to see and do here however and plenty of Disney JR games to play too.

December and Christmas

If you wanted to take the family off to Disneyland and play some Mickey Mouse games, for Christmas then you need to plan wisely. Going for the first half of December would be great but around Christmas Day can see a lot of people. The last part of December can be a great time to visit but it may not be the very best time to consider heading off to Disneyland. That also includes the beginning of the New Year too.Visit to try 5 seasonal treats at Disneyland Resort this Christmas.

Best Time to Visit Disneyland in 2014-2015

Any Time In 2015

Most weekdays are good options to consider when it comes to visiting Disneyland because this is when the park is quieter. Of course, there is always big crowds at Disneyland but during the day when the schools are in, there aren’t as many there as at the weekends. However, any weekday, excluding the big holiday days around the year are great times to go and visit and see Mickey Mouse. Continue reading