Disney Channel Games: Popular Games for Kids

Disneychannelgames2007ar1Which child doesn’t like playing Disney games? Every single child in the world has his own favorite Disney character and playing games with those characters is just the best gift that they can get. Keeping young children can be tough, but if you have the Disney channel games, keeping your children is a breeze. There are different games for different ages. Here are the most popular games that your child can play.

The newest additions to the Disney channel games

Often Disney channel puts new games on their website for kids to enjoy. They are fun, and it can keep children busy for hours. Some of the new games that you will find on the Disney channel online games are:

 Pinball party: One of the newest games online is Pinball party. With this game the older kids can enjoy some pinball with their favorite Disney Channel shows like Liv and Maddie.
 K9 coaching: If your children love Dog with a blog, then this is the game for them. Also new to the Disney Channel games and all ages will like this game.
 Rebel Strike: With this game you must help Ezra, Kanan, and the rest of the team strategically strike back at the Imperials on Lothal. This is also a game for the older children that love Star Wars.
 Hidden Mickey: For the smaller children who love Mickey Mouse, this game will bring hours of fun. Mickey must sneak across the boardwalk without anyone seeing him.

The most popular games of the Disney channel games

With the new versions of the Disney channel games; there are also the most popular Disney games that the children love the most. This games are fun to play and will keep the young ones happy for a while. Some of the most popular games of Disney channel are:

 Shopping spree showdown: Enjoy a game with Charlie from Good luck Charlie in a fun shopping spree game. This is a popular game for the younger Disney lovers.
 Jessie over Manhattan: With this game Jessie needs your help collecting all the balloons before her party can start.
 Food court frenzy: For the Fish hook fans, here you have a great game where you must help them getting to the concert in time.
 Pinball Manic: Another popular pinball game that feature Austin and Ally for hours of fun for the older kids.

Other Disney Channel shows that have popular games

It isn’t just these Disney Channel shows that have games. There are many other Disney shows that have games that the kids will enjoy. Some of the other shows that have games are:

 Hanna Montana,
 Zapped,
 Cloud 9,
 Shake it up,
 How to build a better boy,
 And, many other Disney channel shows.

If you need to keep your children busy and you don’t know how, you just can let them play online games with their favorite Disney characters. This is the best possible way of keeping the kids busy and the toddlers are learning the same time. With playing Disney channel games, you will be the best mom ever!